CVT Transmissions and parts online

CVT Transmissions and parts online

Now we have parts and complete CVT Transmissions available for the

CVT 7 and CVT8

We carry Parts and Complete CVT transmissions for All Toyota vehicles

We are also distributors for Bosch

CVT Pushbelts

Al prices are including GST Prices outside NZ are 15% less

We will send parts to every country in the world

This  Online Shop is located in New Zealand and is special designed for Transmission shops and general workshops to supply New parts Remanufactured parts  and good Second hand parts for several different CVT transmissions used in todays modern vehicles.

We do have parts in stock for 75 + different CVT transmissions used in todays modern Vehicles. 

The prices are not negotiable unles you buy in bulk ( Minimum of 20 peaces ) 

To ensure you order the right parts it is important you have the transmission code at hand.

Click the brand of your vehicle and choose the transmission wich is fitted in your vehicle.

Where to find the Transmission Code.  VERY IMPORTANT

  • NISSAN  On the Vin plate under the Bonnet  or in the door frame on the drivers side or passengers side ( Trans axle code )
  • Toyota   In the right hand door frame under the door latch number start with a "K
  • HONDA.    On the side of the transmission at the front of the car ( White label)
  • MITSUBISHI.  On the top of the transmission.( Numbers and Letters stamped in )
  • FIAT.   On the side of the transmission (Long white label)
  • AUDI and VW. In the boot of the vehicle next to spare wheel.
  • MINI and ROVER. Green aluminium tag on top of the transmission

Warning. Be carefull with using after market CVT oil because some of these are not up to specs. needed for CVT Transmissions. Never use additives in CVT Transmissions.

Nissan already has 4 different CVT oils.  Ns1  Ns2 Ns3  and KTF 

We are working on a New Website because of the problems with this website software ( Prestashop )

 If you have dificulties ordering parts please e-mail us with a list of parts and we can send you an invoice and you can pay trough Paypall

If your parts are not on this website, e-mail us on